Pedestrian Accidents in NYC: Common Causes & Prevention

The Vision Zero Initiative plan for New York City adopted by Mayor de Blasio is designed to eventually bring all pedestrian accidents and fatalities down to zero in one year. It was first approved after it became clear that pedestrian accidents were not becoming less common on their own, but rather were rising in frequency. What is it about New York City that is creating such a dangerous space for pedestrians? The answer might be in statistics that analyze common reasons why pedestrian accidents happen.

Three common causes of pedestrian accidents in NYC include:

  1. Distraction: Driver distraction is a serious issue all around the country, not just New York City. But in the Big Apple, where droves of people are on the sidewalks at pretty much all hours of the day, driver distraction is all the more likely to cause a pedestrian accident. Using smartphones, eating or drinking on the way to work, personal grooming, and talking to passengers are atop the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) list of worst driver distractions. Whenever you get behind the wheel, please always give your full and uninterrupted attention to the road. Reminder: The National Safety Council (NSC) has concluded that hands-free wireless smartphone devices in cars do not reduce a driver’s distraction by any noteworthy amount.
  2. Traffic: Sometimes you will hear someone joke that no one drives in New York City because there is too much traffic. While this statement might be inherently humorous, it is inexplicably true, and all the traffic contributes to pedestrian accidents. Even when a pedestrian is fully abiding by crosswalk signals, the heavy traffic makes it a danger for them to cross, as the cars rounding corners can rarely see a few car lengths ahead due to all the clogged adjacent lanes. When you cross the street, pay attention to your surroundings and watch the lanes nearest you for approaching cars that might not have seen you.
  3. Roadwork: In part of the Vision Zero plan, miles of New York City roads are being improved and altered to try to better protect pedestrians. Some of the unfortunate irony is that all the roadwork creates an unreasonable hazard for pedestrians in the area. Many construction sites, big and small, often block off swaths of the sidewalk, forcing pedestrians to skirt precariously close to lanes. If you can manage it, plan your walking route around and away from roadwork and construction.

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