How Big of a Problem Is Drug & Alcohol Use Among Truckers?

We all should avoid driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, but the problem is especially troublesome when it comes to commercial truck drivers. Due to the stress associated with their jobs and the long hours needed to haul tens of thousands of pounds in cargo and meet strict deadlines, many truck drivers throughout the United States have a high use of narcotics to get through a shift.

According to several studies, about half of the truckers who had participated in the surveys admitted to drinking and driving and 30 percent admitted to using amphetamines, on average. On U.S. study had the highest frequency of positive alcohol tests worldwide at 12.5 percent.

When it comes to amphetamines, truck drivers need them to stay awake longer, log more miles, and deliver cargo to their destinations faster and more efficiently. Keep in mind, truckers often receive bonuses if they drive for longs hours and reach their destination sooner than anticipated.

Common reasons why truck drivers use alcohol and drugs while driving include:

  • Tedious nature of the work
  • Night driving may result in drowsy driving
  • Long hours behind the wheel can be exhausting
  • Loneliness and lack of communication with others

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