As you may know, construction workers are expected to work under dangerous conditions almost every time they step foot on a job site. Not only are they asked to utilize various forms of heavy machinery, but some are even expected to work at potentially fatal heights. It is for this reason that accidents related to ladder use are some of the most commonly reported in the construction industry.

In fact, statistics that have been compiled by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) show that nearly one-third of all work-related deaths are caused by falls from elevated heights—which subsequently accounts for approximately 600 deaths each year. Although not all of these fatalities can be attributed to ladder accidents, a substantial number of workers are injured or killed in related incidents every single day.

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Examining Some of the Most Common Causes

Among all construction-related ladder accidents, most workers are injured under one of two circumstances: being struck by a ladder or falling off of a ladder while located at an elevated height. Although the scope in which one could be injured is fairly limited, the potential causes are far more numerous. In fact, there is no telling just how many factors can contribute to an eventual accident, but some of the most common may include:

  • Ladder instability or movement
  • Overreaching while on top of the ladder
  • Defects in the ladder's design or manufacture
  • Person / vehicle colliding with the ladder
  • Failure to follow safety procedures
  • Climbing the ladder with heavy equipment
  • Ascending / descending too quickly

If you have been involved in a construction accident under any of the aforementioned circumstances, you will need to determine whether or not someone else is liable for providing you with compensation. If it were to be discovered that the ladder was faulty to begin with, you would have valid grounds to bring suit against the makers. If, however, the accident was caused by your own carelessness, inattention or negligence, you may only be able to claim workers' compensation benefits.

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OSHA's Safety Regulations Regarding Ladder Use in the Workplace

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA) has devised a number of different safety regulations regarding the use of ladders in the workplace. This is meant to keep workers safe, but not all employers choose to follow these mandatory guidelines. When this happens, there is no telling how catastrophic the subsequent damage will be. For this reason, the NY construction accident attorneys at Lurie, Ilchert, MacDonnell & Ryan LLP though that it was important to review some of these OSHA regulations and reiterate the importance of their implementation, including:

  • 1926.1051(a) – A ladder must be provided at all points of access where there is a break in elevation of 19 inches or more. This must only be done when a ramp, runway, sloped embankment or personnel hoist is not present.
  • 1926.1051(a)(2) – When a ladder is the only means of access / exit for 25 or more workers, a double-cleated ladder or two or more separate ladders must be provided. This is also true when a ladder is being used for simultaneous two-way traffic.
  • 1926.1051(b) – Employers must install all ladder fall protection systems and comply with all pertinent requirements before their employees begin work that necessitates the installation and use of ladders and their fall protection systems.

If you are interested in reviewing a more comprehensive list of health and safety regulations, visit the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's official website.

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