Gas explosions can be especially deadly as any gas leak may be very hard to detect until the actual explosion occurs, thus increasing the magnitude of the accident. Even relatively small explosions can cause severe burns and other injuries, and larger explosions can easily claim lives or result in catastrophic injuries.

Following such a tragic event, victims often require extensive medical treatment and surgeries, ongoing care and physically and emotionally trying rehabilitation. If you have been the victim of a gas explosion, a New York City construction accident lawyer can help you pursue compensation for your injuries and the pain you have suffered.

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Importance of Hiring a New York City Construction Accident Lawyer

In certain instances, it may happen that an insurance adjuster approaches you to discuss the accident and possibly even offer you a settlement. Actually, they are trained to seek details which will justify the insurance company paying you as little as possible and to entice you to accept a payment which is likely well below what you deserve. It is therefore very important that you not engage in conversation with them but simply refer them to your NYC construction accident attorney. A legal professional knows what you are entitled to and can prevent you from being shortchanged.

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Our New York City personal injury lawyers have accumulated an abundance of impressive successes and have regularly obtained payments of $500,000 or more, and in many instances $1 million or more for our clients. We will energetically pursue the maximum available compensation for your NY construction accident claim.

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