Construction workers and those in related industries often use various saws and cutting blades on a regular basis in performing their jobs. Circular saws, power saws, table saws, band saws and chainsaws are typical tools of the trade. This kind of equipment holds innate dangers, hence the heavy safety regulations governing this kind of activity. Despite these measures, however, accidents do sometimes occur and when they do, they can be devastating. It is not uncommon for a cutting accident victim to lose a finger, hand or limb.

Sadly, death can result due to injuries to internal organs or loss of blood. If you have lost a loved one to such a construction accident, a New York City construction accident attorney can help you pursue a wrongful death claim. If you have been injured in a cutting accident due to the negligence of another or defective products, you may pursue damages for your losses and suffering.

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Following such an accident, an insurance adjuster may contact you to offer you a settlement. While they usually appear very friendly and you may be tempted to accept their offer, it is very important you don't enter into discussions or make any agreements with them. Their purpose is to conclude your case by paying you as little as possible.

This is unacceptable when not only have you suffered a life-changing injury, you are also facing the financial stress caused by large medical bills and lost income. Lurie, Ilchert, MacDonnell & Ryan LLP can liaise with the insurance companies on your behalf and fight for what we know you deserve. While most cases can be settled out of court, we can represent you at trial when it serves your best interests. Contact a New York City construction accident lawyer at our firm to learn more.