Suffering a brain injury can lead to very expensive medical bills for you or your family. Brain injuries could even have fatal results. Don't let a loved one suffer from a construction company or manufacturer's negligence. Take the action you need to recover your damages by talking to one of our New York City construction accident lawyers today.

There are several ways a traumatic brain injury may occur, especially at a busy construction site. Heavy equipment, scaffolding and tall ladders are all components that involve risk and potential danger to a worker. If the proper safety measures aren't taken, a worker could have a serious fall, auto accident or machinery accident.

Side Effects of a Brain Injury

There is a broad range of symptoms or side effects that can occur from a traumatic brain injury. A serious fall or blow to the head could lead to memory loss. Memory loss may be permanent or short term, but could lead to more effects such as loss of personality or ability to normally interact with family. The emotional trauma from memory loss should not be overlooked or disregarded and may require compensation if it was due to a negligent worksite accident.

Any of these symptoms could show up immediately after the accident, giving obvious need for medical attention and help. Even so, many side effects take time to expose themselves, sometimes even weeks. If you suffered a head injury in the recent past and are now experiencing any of these symptoms, you may be eligible for compensation and help for your suffering.

Brain injuries on the worksite could also lead to more traumatic results such as:

  • Loss of motor function
  • Loss of congitive ability
  • Loss of mobility

Suffering any of these symptoms will put a strain on you and your family, causing regular activities to be complicated and stressful. Lost wages, emotional trauma, and rehab can be costly for you, especially when you depend on physical action for work. Mobility is hard to regain after any serious injury, and potentially even more so when the brain is damaged. The ability for the brain to trigger the other muscles and limbs in the body can be completely lost, which is a devastating effect. Don't wait to get the help you and your family deserve, contact a NYC brain injury attorney for help with your claim.


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Rehab and Therapy Expenses

After suffering a traumatic brain injury, the severe side effects can lead to multiple expenses. Some of the treatments or therapy needed might turn into unpaid medical and healthcare bills that aren't covered. You may need a physiatrist who specializes in rehabilitation and new equipment or aids. Rehabilitation nurses or an in-home nurse may also be needed depending on your living situation and family status. A physical therapist and occupational therapist might also be needed to help you return to your normal habits. Though it is not common, some mobility might be regained through treatments and physical therapy.

An occupational therapist can aid you with accepting your new routine and means for living. A neuropsychologist, who studies the psychology of the brain and its functions, may also be helpful with assisting recovery. If you are injured on the worksite and you are not getting the coverage you need or can't afford some of these treatments, you may be able to file a claim for compensation. At Lurie, Ilchert, MacDonnell & Ryan, LLP we work hard to get our clients what they deserve. Contact our NYC brain lawyers to find out more information about filing a claim and collecting the restitution you need to recover from your worksite accident.

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