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Drowning accidents frequently result from negligence of individuals near, on, or in a body of water. Although water activities are popular for family and friends, they can also be extremely dangerous. But when a watercraft operator is negligent, whether drunk, speeding, or failing to follow water safety rules, the situation is extremely dangerous for others. There are also incidents in which a public or private pool poses a danger to either children or adults.

Drowning Accidents in New York City
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Our New York City drowning accident attorneys are known throughout the State of New York as a respected and prominent law firm, and we have recovered over $500 million in damages over our years in practice. If the person operating a boat has been consuming alcohol, he or she is endangering all passengers in the boat, as well as all others who are also on the water.

A minor error in judgment can easily knock someone overboard, and unfortunately, permanent brain damage is a common outcome in such accidents. Swimming pools can be hazardous for both children and adults when surfaces are too slick, or a lifeguard on duty fails to notice a swimmer in distress. Many young lives are lost every year as children succumb to silent drowning.


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Filing a Drowning Accident Claim in New York

While drowning accidents often lead to death, even the people who survive can suffer permanent brain damage or spinal cord damage. Oxygen deprivation destroys healthy brain tissue, leading to a permanent loss of ability, or in some cases, a vegetative state.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a drowning accident, let us help you to seek justice and full compensation. Our New York drowning accident attorneys have helped thousands of victims over the 50 years in which we have been serving the residents of New York, and we offer our services to you in this difficult time.

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