When it comes to pursuing compensation for workplace accidents, these types of cases can be particularly complicated. More than ever, you need to be aware of your rights and options. If you have suffered an injury or contracted an illness that is related to your job, Lurie, Ilchert, MacDonnell & Ryan LLP can provide the information and advocacy you need to recover compensation.

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How Our New York Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You

Our New York work injury law firm is ready to review your case, determine who is liable, and discuss the legal options available to you, whether you should file for workers’ comp benefits, sue your employer, or file a lawsuit against a manufacturer for your work-related accident.

We are prepared to help you file a claim for work-related injuries such as: back, neck, and spinal cord injuries; carpal / cubital tunnel syndrome, tendonitis; broken/fractured bones; broken/fractured bones; vision or hearing loss; burn injuries; and more. You also have legal recourse if unsafe work or job site conditions exposed you to dangers or dangerous illness that include: asbestosis or silicosis, mesothelioma, toxic exposure, lung disease, lead poisoning, radiation sickness, etc. Whatever the details of your case, we deliver the personalized advocacy that you deserve!

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Understanding Your Rights as an Injured Worker

Work Injuries Attorney in New York City, New YorkYour employers are required to provide you with reasonably safe work conditions. If you have been injured in a work-related accident, you may be entitled to recover benefits through your employer's workers' compensation program.

Furthermore, injuries caused by the negligence of third-parties not covered under your employers may provide legal grounds for pursuing a personal injury lawsuit.

Third parties that may be liable for your accident or illness include:

  • Equipment manufacturers
  • A trespasser
  • States/municipalities
  • School districts

Learn more about your rights in a work-related injury accident and find out what your options are for pursuing compensation when you contact our New York injury law firm today.

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